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How to Store and Secure Flammable Chemicals

When it comes to flammable materials, it is essential that they are stored correctly… A workplace injury can be avoided with the correct tools. Avoid litigation by making sure your pipes and storage apparatus are kept secure and the proper cleaning equipment is available in the event of a spill. Let’s look at ways to store and secure flammable chemicals, from bunded storage to a range of other options.

Use flammable storage cabinets.
There are many styles and sizes to choose from for these cabinets. With this quality, steel made cabinets are designed to withhold the test of time. Using 18 gauge all welded steel and an inch and a half of insulating air space that decrease build up pressure these cabinets are designed with safety in mind. They also provide a gap at the bottom to lower the possibility of spills onto your flooring area. All of these systems offer a locking system with key.

Can spills be treated?
When flammable chemicals are spilled, they can produce fumes that are highly toxic to your staff. Spilled oil or petrol, for example, is highly flammable, posing an immediate risk of fire. These hazards make it all the more necessary to clean such messes quickly and thoroughly. Standard towels or cloths will not suffice. Purchase Forecourt Installation Services Spill Kits and your workplace can benefit from a set of superabsorbent socks that not only absorb chemicals and oils but also deter water, making the clean-up process much quicker and more efficient.

Are your drains covered?
Not only can corrosive chemicals and flammable fuels pose an immediate safety risk to your staff, but they can also spill into a drain and cause lasting damage to the environment. This can lead to the poisoning of local wildlife and substantial fines for your company.
A drain cover from Installation Services can prevent a liquid from going down a drain if it is spilled, thereby enabling you to use a spill kit to mop up the mess that results from a
bunded storage fault.

Can you recognize the leaks?
Leaking pipes are not always noticeable. If fuels and chemicals are allowed to leak for a long period without being noticed, fires could happen too suddenly for you to act upon them. To ensure that such built-up spills don’t occur as a result of leakage, you should install a leak detection system that will alert you to the presence of a leak, or potential area of leakage, and help you to address it before any serious harm is caused.

Are you protected against fire?
If a fire were to break out, you need to make sure that your equipment can withstand the fire, especially if it carries any flammable liquids inside. When fire breaches fuel storage tanks, the fire can grow and spread much faster, endangering the lives of people on site. Make sure you’re storing your fuel and other hazardous liquids in fire retardant storage tanks to prevent your premises from experiencing explosions or much more severe fires. Leaving the premises when a small fire occurs is easier for your employees than escaping a rapidly spreading and already large fire. Contact Installation Services for safety tips and reliable products.